Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Extra Life Charity Marathon

Hey everybody! Pardon the interruption of my usual videogame-related ramblings for something that's actually important... but don't worry, it's game-related too. This November, I'll be participating in the Extra Life marathon to support Boston Children's Hospital, and I could use your help!

The marathon begins at 8 AM on November 2, and it'll run for 24 hours, during which time I'll play a whole bunch of videogames, live-blogging about each one and drinking lots of coffee. You can donate directly at my Extra Life page, located here (Jeff Libby's Extra Life Donation Page) -- it's for a great cause, and every little bit will help kids who need it! Let's show how much good gamers can do!

I'm going to need plenty of games to fill up twenty-four hours, and so I'm asking for suggestions! I know I'll be starting bright and early at 8 AM on November 2 with Mega Man 2 (because of course I am!), but I ask that when you send in your donation (Helpful Reminder Link) you include a recommendation of a game for me to play during the Marathon. I have a Sega Genesis and an NES hooked up, and if I can track down relatively inexpensive copies of games for them I'll do so. Try not to recommend incredibly rare games, because that would be trickier. I have access to a PS3, an Xbox 360, a Wii U, and their various digital services, so that's all fair game.

(Get it?) :-P

I'm hoping to play a lot of games during the Marathon, so games that take an hour or two to get through are probably best. But I'm open to suggestions, and a big donation could have me trying to tackle an entire jRPG in the time-frame, if that's what the people want!

I'll update this post with the box-art of the games I'll be playing. Let's fill up that donation meter -- do it for the kids!

Extra Life Charity Maration (Jeff Libby's Extra Life Donation Page)

Thanks to Ryan Penk for the donation, and for recommending Dynamite Headdy. I've never played it, but I've heard good things! I'll be playing the version in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the 360.

Thanks to Reba F. for the donation, and for recommending Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. I've never gotten all the way through it, so much of this one will be new to me!

Thanks to Kalia Pickett for the donation, and the recommendation of Journey! If anyone else happens to be walking through that desert on November 2, we might end up journeying together!

Thanks to Jared Saramago for the donation, and "thanks" to him for "recommending" Ride to Hell: Retribution and its 16% Metacritic score. If the badness becomes too much to bear, his secondary recommendation is DOTA 2, which I've not yet experienced.

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