Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cutscene: Time Passes

So a year and a half went by, eventfully. Now it's time to get back into the really serious business of writing about videogames! This past weekend I cleaned out my basement, attempting to make a nice den for the playing of old videogame consoles, and I remembered that this blog was just rotting away in a corner of the internet somewhere. Time to dust the old girl off and take her for a spin, car analogies stretched to their limit!

For this new edition of Level-Minded Lys, I've decided to rearrange the labels I'm using for categories, the better to keep my thoughts organized in reasonable fashion. Here are the ones I plan to be using at the outset, but expect to see more as they spring to mind:

Appreciation - One of the reasons anyone starts a blog is to share information about much-loved topics. This category will include articles where I wax on and on about why I like the games I do. Expect rambling thoughts about Mega Man, Metal Gear, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, and the like under this heading.

Discovery - Cleaning out my basement made me realize just how many old games I possess, some of which I find I've never actually played before, or haven't played in years and years. This category will contain accounts of my first experiences with these games. As new games come out find you'll find my first impressions here. I have a stack of games planned for this category already.

Analysis - One of the reasons I named this blog 'Level-Minded' was because I wanted to go into detail about specific levels in videogames. I find that game reviews discuss things from a very general perspective, but leave many of the specifics concerning level design and area themes to a minimum. That's to minimize spoilers, sure, but we're all friends here and you won't be making purchasing decisions based on these pieces, right?

Let's Suffer - I find as I make my way around the internet that many of my opinions concerning games are unpopular ones. Just consider the Let's Play my buddy Brickroad did for that NES classic 8-Eyes (I lost a bet. Let's play 8-Eyes!) I loved this game when I was a kid; Brickroad (and the internet) not so much. So I plan to write Let's Play accounts of unpopular games under the Let's Suffer category. It should be fun. My playthrough of Athena from a few years back would go under this category.

Off Topic - The good old catch-all category. Anything that doesn't fit somewhere else will go here, like my current excuses for not writing very frequently.

And that's it! Let's get this party started again! For the first time! For the last time! For great justice.

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